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SolPrint Buyer

SolPrint Buyer will handle all the processes required for a Print Management company.

With client access via Customer XN to enter details of their quote requests, view progress of current work, see levels of current stock holdings and request call off orders.

While the internal user can use the Broking Estimating module to manage the ITT process for a selection of suppliers. With requests for quotes (RFQ) being automatically generated and sent to the selected suppliers by email or through the Supplier XN portal.

Suppliers respond and then the internal user can select the preferred supplier based on price or turnaround time. The quote is then submitted to the client for acceptance.

Once accepted an Order Confirmation is automatically produced along with the job and the Purchase Orders are sent to the selected suppliers.

Suppliers can update SolPrint with progress via their Supplier XN portal also confirming delivery details if they deliver directly to the client.

Once delivered the internal user can review the costs for the job and raise an invoice to the client at the click of a button.

In addition a powerful Finished Good Stock module allows for items to be stored for later call off via a Pick and Pack process.